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In 2003 when the Government of Ontario made the decision to replace its manual paper based Purchasing Card (Pcard) administration system with an up to date electronic workflow system, I was specifically tasked by Senior Management to push the envelope of electronic service delivery and to leverage the Corporate Intranet Portal and related Customer Profile Database.


To satisfy this request, I presented a plan to the steering committee for the implementation of a fully electronic workflow system that would traverse corporate boundaries and establish interoperability between the bank and the Government systems. This system would be easily and securely accessible to customers through the Corporate Intranet Portal and would use the Government's Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) authentication. In addition, the paper based statements would be eliminated and replaced by secure personalized access to the bank reporting system exclusively through the Portal using secure automated login. This would allow customers not only to access statements, but also to view transactions throughout the billing cycle and pave the way to electronic reconciliation.


I worked closely with the Bank, the business area responsible for the Pcard Program, and the technical staff to make the plan a reality. This implementation pioneered a complex electronic relationship between the bank and the Government and took efforts and persistence to implement, particularly considering the scope of 14,000 card holders located in all areas of the Province. Neither the bank nor the Government had attempted such an implementation before.


In addition to the usual benefits of the electronic workflow application, the Government has found that it has a much better control over the purchasing card administration and is in a much better position to serve its card holder customers.

Both organizations are quite proud of this achievement. The bank sees the result as a new service they can offer their customers, and the Government is using it as a model for future implementations.

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Louis-Charles Lavallée

October 2004

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