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Four days from first contact to live system!


When the Government of Ontario issued their cyclical office supplies Request For Proposal, I worked with the procurement specialist to integrate the information from the Rules of Engagement into the requirements. This guided the proponents in preparing their responses and gave them a clear indication of the Government intention to use a B2G e-Business model with its new office supplies vendor.

My task was to lead the Government's e-Business integration and customer delivery implementation team and to provide the business system and customer delivery expertise to ensure a successful transition under an extremely tight timeframe. I set as a goal to have a seamless transition, with no service interruption.


The supplier selected was not the incumbent and had never been the holder of the contract, which means that there was no previous experience to build on. By the time the contract was finalized and we were allowed to have a first discussion with the new supplier, there were four days left before the expiry of the existing contract. The implementation team had therefore only four days to establish the e-business relationship and implement the customer support infrastructure with the new supplier. This was seen as a challenge for both organizations. The new supplier indicated that such a speedy implementation would be a record for them as well, but they were very cooperative and willing to try to meet the Government's timeframes.


Using the Rules of Engagement documentation and related generic project management templates, and by leveraging the information from the Customer Profile Database and the Pcard Online System, we were able to meet the challenge and the e-Business relationship with the new supplier went live four days after the initial meeting, including single signon access for customers to their own accounts which had been created during these four days. The transition was seamless, one day the Portal logged the customers into their account at the old supplier, the next day the Portal logged the customers into their own accounts at the new supplier by using the same link on the Portal.

This also illustrates how transitions are made easy for customers by this kind of e-Business Portal technology. There was no need to inconvenience customers with new login information to a new site, the Portal did it for them. For the Government and the supplier, this helps achieve early compliance with corporate programs.

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Louis-Charles Lavallée

October 2004

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